Contextualized Leadership Development - we train adults to lead and

plant churches in their contexts. This training  results in one of

two diplomas; church ministry or church planting.


Jake Rock CLD graduate

Doors of ministry opportunity continue to open for Jake Rock, Pastor of Minnesota Hardcore Church and Church Planter of the Phillips West Neighborhood Church. Jake has applied concepts and skills learned in the Midwestern Baptist College’s Contextualized Leadership Development to his urban ministry context.  Other students are now benefitting from his expertise in cross cultural ministries as a Guest Instructor.



This 39 semester-hour diploma provides leaders with educational skills for leading churches and other Christian organizations.





This 30 semester-hour program equips leaderss to start and grow reproducing congregations with church planting courses and a practicum.










Accessible. Courses are delivered over the internet. Anyone with an internet connection can log on and participate in class discussions, interact with course materials and dialogue with instructors. Students with a high school diploma are eligible for diploma programs, those without are eligible for certificate programs.

 Affordable. $94 a month is within the budget of anyone seriously pursuing ministry training. Tuition is paid monthly for the duration of the program, typically for two years. Textbooks are chosen for their value and cost to the student.

Accredited. Instructors and courses are approved by Midwestern Baptist College for credit on the undergraduate level.  Credit earned is transferable Midwestern Baptist College’s online Bachelor’s degree program as well as other undergraduate programs and Seminary Extension.

Applied Learning. Each course majors on skills a leader can use in ministry today. Applied learning is the way adults learn best. Course assignments apply to the student’s ministry responsibilities in the local church.