Next Level Leadership Network provides an operating system for a team-based ministry.  It is not a series of workshops and seminars to be attended and put on a shelf.  Next Level Leadership Network is a toolkit for building ministry teams and working effectively through a shared understanding.  The Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention has trained facilitators who are ready to assist your ministry with the implementation of these tools.  A series of Next Level Leadership Network workshops are available for churches and associations in the Minnesota Wisconsin Baptist Convention.

Contact the Church Leadership Catalyst if you would like to have a Next Level Leadership Network workshop at 507-282-3636.



Team Wheel

Common Purpose Clear Roles Accepted Leadership
Effective Processes Solid Relationships Excellent Communication


BPMT Title Slide

Building Powerful Ministry Teams

This training is designed for ministry teams at all levels and to assist church leaders in discovering, developing, and producing cohesive, high-performing ministry teams.  This workshop is most effective when attended as an active, intact team!


DISC Title Slide

Discernment Inventory (DISC)

 When people of different temperments work together without understanding their differences, the inevitable result is misunderstanding, miscommunication and just plain bad results.  God created us with wonderful unique personalities that can and should work well together.  This workshop will help participants discover their God-given personality traits and learn how to operate consistently within the context of a team.


 Calling Gifts Personality

3-in-1 Profile

This profile not only helps individuals discover their personalities, but also their spiritual gifts and passion areas for ministry.  This is an excellent tool for assisting new members as they seek to assimilate into a church body. The 3-in-1 Profile can be administered at your church with our assistance at your request.


 Art of Communication

Mastering the Art of Communication

In this workshop, ministry teams will gain a greater understanding of the importance of clear communication, evaluate their teams current status and develop an action plan for increased communication effectiveness in the future. 


 Steps to Powerful Decision Making

Powerful Decision Making

During this workshop, ministry teams will identify, explore, and discuss the effects of key decision-making principles which impact ministry in various ways such as new staff hires, designing building expansion projects or developing new programs in the church

 Conflict Workshop Graphic

Transforming Conflict: From Strife to Synergy

We cannot avoid conflict, but we can make it work for us!  Attendees will identify conflict sources and patterns, discuss possible results, learn to manage conflict to constructive outcomes, and explore the role of trust in relationships.

 Developing and Managing People Graphic Developing and Managing People

How do you lead with Christ-like competence?  Do you coach for personal growth?  This workshop will provide leaders with the skills to assist them in becoming more effective in managing and leading others.  Discover the participatory style used by Jesus as He developed those around Him.