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New Church Starts in 2017
Risen Church, Minneapolis, MN

Salt City Church, Minneapolis, MN

True Light Chinese Church, Minneapolis, MN

Vietnamese Baptist Church, Bloomington, MN
Big Lake, MN

Duluth, MN

Faith City Church, Byron, MN

Franklin, WI

House of Saints, Sheboygan, WI

Madison, WI

Milwaukee, WI

Monticello, MN

North Minneapolis, MN

Oak Creek, WI

Roseville, MN
New Church Starts in Process
519 16th Street SE
Rochester, MN  55904
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Affiliations In 2017
First Baptist Church, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Glory of Christ Fellowship, Elk River, MN

Northwest Bible Church, Albertville, MN
Casa de OraciĆ³n, Madison, WI

Chester Woods Community Church, Rochester, MN

Grace in the City, Minneapolis, MN

Harvest Bible Chapel, Madison, WI

Highland Fellowship, Roseville, MN

Indian Community Church, Minnetonka, MN
Kang Nam Korean Baptist Church, Burnsville, MN

Multiply 2 Movement, Minneapolis, MN

Northfield Community Church, Northfield, MN

Redemption City Church, Rochester, MN

Resonate Church, Janesville, WI

Richfield Bible Church, Richfield, MN