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Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering provides critical support for church planters in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Your giving to this offering makes a direct impact in the communities that you live in. You can donate online to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering by going to this page. Thank you for your partnership in the gospel.

Staff Column: Psalm 138:7-8

By Steve Melvin, Apr. 3, 2020

Steve Melvin, Prayer & Partnership Catalyst

In Psalm 138:7-8 the psalmist expresses thoughts that can be encouraging in today’s environment. Even when we are in the midst of troubled times, God is able to preserve our lives and to deliver us. We are not able to see or discern the end point of the COVID-19 crisis, but we can trust that God is with us. In all of this, God has a plan and purpose that is being accomplished. The challenge for each of us is to find our place in what God is wanting to do through us – touching lives even through social distancing, worshipping virtually at home, running errands for those that are at risk, providing support for others, praying for friends, families and neighbors. Read more…

Online Worship

With current government restrictions on large gatherings, many churches are choosing to broadcast their worship services online for members to view at home. This article is intended to help your church go online if you do not currently have an online broadcasting platform. There are many options out there, some free and some paid. We will be showing you how to use the Facebook Live platform, which is free and easy to learn.

Digital Newspaper

The MWBC state newspaper is going digital! After the Spring 2020 issue, the newspaper will no longer be printed and mailed out from our office. However, you can still catch up on the latest news in the MWBC by reading the digital copy. Please sign up through this link to have it delivered to your email inbox. Churches and individuals are free to print as many copies as desired.


The Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention has partnered with FreeWill to give every congregation member across the region the ability to give back to their church in two new ways. MWBC is proud to share resources so the entire convention can benefit and spread the gospel.

We hope these two tools (a will-writing tool and a Qualified Charitable Distribution tool for gifts from IRAs) will be helpful to you and your family as you plan for your future and decide how you might want to support your church.