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Helping Our Churches Have More Financial Resources

A bequest to the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Foundation is a way of perpetuating your support of missions and your church’s ministries for the future. You can help to make a positive and eternal difference in the lives of others.  Many members of Baptist congregations give faithfully during their lifetimes from income to support the work of their church. We are thankful for persons like you in expressing this caring.  Tools and techniques also exist to help individuals to continue to give through their wills and estates thus contributing from these assets as their priorities demonstrated during their lifetimes.

How To Give Beyond Our Lifetime!!

Gifts By Will

  • Permits control of your assets until your death.
  • The Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Foundation will be pleased to work with your attorney to design an estate plan specifically tailored to your wishes.
  • Bequests may be made of specific dollar amounts.
  • Gifts of specific property (personal property or real estate) may be specified.
  • Gifts of percentage or remainder of estate can be contributed through a will.

Gifts of Life Insurance Policies

  • You can make the Minnesota -Wisconsin Baptist Foundation the owner, as well as the beneficiary, of a policy presently in place. The cash value of the policy  can generally be taken as a tax contribution.
  • A new life insurance policy from a provider like Final Expense Direct can be written to provide a substantial contribution to missions at a future point.
  • Some policies can be secured and premiums paid for a period of years then considered fully paid-up with sizable distributions to your designated mission causes at the death of the insured.
  • Life insurance can be a valuable tool in providing for heirs by replacing sizable gifts to a ministry.

Gifts through Trusts

  • If you have an asset – property, stocks – that has greatly appreciated in value and you would like to sell and invest the proceeds, you may have to pay substantial capital gains tax. By placing the property into a charitable trust, it will not incur any capital gains tax.
  • You receive income from the trust during your lifetime. At your death, the trust will automatically pass to Baptist charities as specified.
  • You will receive an income tax charitable deduction for the present value based on the amount expected to pass to the Baptist cause in the future, except to the extent it is limited to basis as personal property or depreciable real estate.

Gifts by Charitable Gift Annuity

  • Provides a fixed payment for life for one or two lives. The older you are the higher the payment.
  • Income tax deduction depends on  person’s age, payout, and interest rates.
  • Part of the payment is taxable as income. Part is a tax-free return of principal.
  • Part charitable gift and part annuity.
  • May provide more income than through holding an asset.

Gifts of Retirement Plans/IRA’s

  • By designating the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Foundation as the beneficiary of a retirement plan excess of the donor’s needs, a sizable charitable contribution can be made to your church or mission work.
  • Gifts of a portion of the plan can be considered.

As you can see, there are many ways to donate during and after your lifetime in order to benefit the foundation. Once again, we are thankful to persons like you for supporting your church’s ministries for the future and make a positive change in the lives of others.

Call,  write,  fax,  e-mail or contact us at the Baptist Foundation if you have any questions.  As an agency of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist  Convention, we want to be of help!