Missouri Partnership

We see a day where every community, every people group, and every person in Minnesota and Wisconsin has the opportunity to meet Jesus where they are, respond to the gospel, be nurtured in a biblical fellowship, and personally follow Jesus and His Great Commission.

Every Community, Every Person

  1. Mobilize prayer for lostness and church planting
  2. Cultivate unreached and under-reached places and people groups
  3. Engage places and people with the gospel message and ministry
  4. Develop a plan for growing the next generation of leaders
  5. Encourage church planting activities
  6. Utilize effective communication
  7. Create and implement holistic and comprehensive associational/district/regional church planting strategies

Supporting church – a church that provides prayer, ministry activities and/or physical support to a new church plant, often short term or one time.


  1. Spiritual lostness is a major issue in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  2. Church planting is an effective method of reaching people with the gospel message.
  3. Every church can and should be involved in church planting at some level.
  4. Prayer must be an integral part of church planting.
  5. Wisconsin and Minnesota can and should be impacted with the transforming message of Jesus Christ.