Becoming a Volunteer

Click HERE to Download the Volunteer Brochure every three years to update credentials.

Step One

  • Download or request MWBC Disaster Relief volunteer packet of forms
  • Return completed, signed forms to MWBC Disaster Relief Directors (see address on the front page of packet)
  • A returned, completed packet is required to be on file for each volunteer and will enter your name in database of interested volunteers
  • Receive periodic newsletter/updates via email

Step Two

  • Attend MWBC Disaster Relief Orientation Training Class:  “Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief”

Step Three

  • Complete MWBC Disaster Relief Classroom Training for Specific Unit(s) of Your Choosing
    • Feeding Unit
    • Chaplaincy Unit
    • Chainsaw Unit
    • Mud-Out/Recovery Unit
    • Shower/Laundry Unit
    • Prayer Support Unit
  • Complete MWBC Disaster Relief Hands-On Training for Specific Unit(s) of Your Choosing
    • Some Units Require Additional, Specialized Training: Chaplaincy Unit = OSFA (Operational Stress First Aid)

Step Four

  • Complete and Return Background Authorization Form (included in Volunteer Packet)
  • Approved Background Check Received
  • Photo is needed for ID Badge/Credentials

Additional Information

  • Upon completion of these steps and an acceptable background check, each volunteer will receive a yellow DR hat and ID badge which is the official uniform.
  • A refresher training “Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief” is required