Next Gen Ministries

The MWBC is committed to reaching the next generation for Christ. This includes children, youth, and college students. Young people are feeling hopeless and lost as the world around them moves farther away from the Gospel. They need the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ.

EQUIP is a training conference for next gen ministry leaders. Topics at the conference are encouraging kids to connect with Christ, building a student ministry that lasts, and connecting kids and students ministries. Attendees will also get a preview of the upcoming LifeWay VBS curriculum.

Called Out is an AFFORDABLE, high-quality youth retreat for youth groups spread across Minnesota and Wisconsin. We want students to leave Called Out knowing that church is not a building, or something you go to, but the Church is the movement of Jesus-followers, the “gathering of the called out ones.” During Called Out, we will feature different church planters and give them an opportunity to share how God is using church planting to draw people to Himself. Along with digging deeply into the word, what’s a retreat without the great outdoors, full sided gym, ropes courses and bonfires?!

Collegiate Ministries in the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention exists to assist churches, associations, and local campus ministries in their efforts to reach the students attending the more than 120 post-secondary institutions across the two states. While continuing to support campus recognized student organizations, the MWBC is involved in the assisting in the planting of new churches on or near university campuses.

Hands of Hope is a MWBC mission project designed to help churches and church plants serve their communities by providing volunteers to take the gospel outside the walls of the church and into the community. This year’s event will be held in Milwaukee, WI helping a church with Block Parties, service projects, and community evangelism and outreach. The event has the feel of being half mission trip and half family camp. Register by clicking the button below or calling 507-282-3636 or emailing

Next Gen Peer Learning Group has started meeting. If you work with children, youth, and students, you are invited to join this group for mutual learning and encouragement. Please contact our office for more information: