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Staff Devotional: Buy Truth and Wisdom

By Na Herr

“Buy—and do not sell—truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding.” Proverbs 23:23 CSB

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a high school graduation party. As I prepared the message, I came across Proverbs 23:23. It seemed appropriate to talk about buying truth and wisdom, because in college, you have to pay for your education. Yet, we live in a day and age where truth and wisdom can be elusive, even in college. This verse directs us to reflect on four key principles: truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding.

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Digital Newspaper

The MWBC state newspaper is going digital! After the Spring 2020 issue, the newspaper will no longer be printed and mailed out from our office. However, you can still catch up on the latest news in the MWBC by reading the digital copy. Churches and individuals are free to print as many copies as desired. Please sign up below to have it delivered to your email inbox.

Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist ~ July 2020

With this issue, the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist says goodbye to paper and ink, becoming a digital only publication. The state paper and official publication of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention for 35 years is now being produced as a PDF file which is emailed free to all who subscribe and can be downloaded from the MWBC website. Click here to download or subscribe.

The digital version takes advantage of hyperlinks to help readers navigate through the state paper. Clicking on an item in the page 1 table of contents will take the reader instantly to the headline of the story or column. For stories that are continued onto another page, a click will take the reader to the rest of the story and another click at the end will take the reader back to the beginning of the story. The new format was designed to have the look of the print version with a five-column layout but shrunk from the former tabloid size to fit onto letter size paper for those who want a printed copy. The text font size was increased to make it more readable whether online or printed. For reading on a computer, set the “view” to “actual size” or “fit width.” To best read on your phone or tablet, turn the device sideways to rotate the screen.

Suicide Prevention Training

Every suicide surprises us. However, whenever a well-known pastor or any Christian public figure takes his or her own life, people begin to ask questions. Christians and pastors help people with their lives. Yet there have been recently in the news several well-known Christians who have succumbed to the tragic act of suicide.

The reality is that even pastors struggle emotionally, and spiritually. They struggle sometimes with depression. Becoming a follower of Jesus or becoming a pastor does not necessarily make those things disappear. Being a pastor can be one of the most high-pressure jobs there is. 90% of pastors work 55-75 hours a week and 75% report feeling “highly stressed” on any given week.

If our spiritual leaders are not exempt from suicide, we can see that we must take the possibility of suicide very seriously. In the next several weeks, we will look at facts of suicide to help us become more aware of this danger. We’ll also look at warning signs of suicide and what each one of us can do to help prevent it.

On July 21, at 7:00 p.m. the MWBC will host a suicide prevention training event by Zoom (more information will be coming). The training will be led by Steven Dyess, a former US Army chaplain who was a master trainer for ASIST, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training. He led these training events across the United States to help combat the alarming rise of suicide of soldiers.


The Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention has partnered with FreeWill to give every congregation member across the region the ability to give back to their church in two new ways. MWBC is proud to share resources so the entire convention can benefit and spread the gospel.

We hope these two tools (a will-writing tool and a Qualified Charitable Distribution tool for gifts from IRAs) will be helpful to you and your family as you plan for your future and decide how you might want to support your church. Read more…

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