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  • Essentials To Prevention & Protection 

    Essentials To Prevention & Protection 

    The desire and goal of this toolbox is to make every church the safest place on planet Earth for every child, student, and adult who comes to a church.  These tools are not designed to force anything upon your church, but instead, to give your church the tools and resources needed to make your church…

  • MinistrySafe SBC2024 Luncheon

    MinistrySafe SBC2024 Luncheon

    WHAT IS INCLUDED: In this session, Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris, Co-Founders and Directors of MinistrySafe, will discuss legal reporting requirements related to suspicions or allegations of child sexual abuse within the Church. Church leaders must understand and comply with mandatory reporting requirements in each state where services are provided. Topics include: Reporting Requirements Common…