A Month to Celebrate Our Convention’s Future

Dear Ministry Partners,

August is often described as the “Sunday of Summer,” the last hurrah of the season before the fall. But I’ve wondered if we could treat August like the “Sunday of Summer” for a different reason: if we could use it to take stock and thank God for our blessings, all while looking ahead.

I recently discovered that August is National Make-a-Will Month, and it’s celebrated by writing your will, planning for your future, and protecting the people you love.

But I know writing a will can be difficult (not to mention expensive) for many members of our community. Since August is just around the corner, I wanted to highlight the free will-writing resource we shared with our pastors and lay leaders several months ago to make this celebration accessible. This tool helps you write a legal will in 20 minutes and is free to use.

Aside from allowing our communities to take a concrete step into their future, MWBC is also using FreeWill to ensure the future vitality of our congregations and our disciples by encouraging those who use the tool to include a charitable gift to their church. It’s a powerful gift that will make disciples and develop leaders for generations to come, and it won’t cost anything today.

We encourage you to share this resource to your church during the month of August as a way for your congregation to celebrate National Make-a-Will Month. You can visit to get more information on this free resource, as well as to access graphics to include for your church newsletter.

Help inspire your congregation to begin planning their futures, protecting their blessings and create a legacy of faith and discipleship this August.

Praying for You,
Leo A. Endel, DMin.
Executive Director
519 16th St SE, Rochester, MN 55904
(507) 282-3636