Category: Cooperative Program

  • Jason and Robin Ebeyer

    Jason and Robin Ebeyer

    On a trip to the closest city, International Mission Board missionaries Jason and Robin Ebeyer were praying to find a “person of peace” – someone who would welcome them and help in their ministry efforts. The Ebeyers have been working for the last few years with the people in Isan, a region in Thailand that…

  • Woongje and Injoo Chun

    Woongje and Injoo Chun

    Woongje (OONG-JIE) and Injoo Chun (IN Joo Cheon), Nearly a third of all Koreans in Georgia live in Gwinnett County. To engage those Koreans with the good news, Woongje leads an evangelism team to the Korean market every Tuesday and Thursday. Many young Koreans hear and respond to the Gospel each week during these efforts.…

  • Wes Blakely

    Wes Blakely

    Sports were a huge part of International Mission Board worker Wes Blakely’s world. Now, sports play just as big a part in his ministry on the mission field. Blakely has been coaching sports in a school and a few clubs in Central Asia. Through this, he’s seen people become curious about Christianity and some even turn to…