Pastor’s Toolbox

In partnership with ERLC, Guidestone, Brotherhood Mutual, and other agencies, we have provided the following free resources to help you and your church.

Being Southern Baptist

Becoming a SBC Congregation
We’re excited that you are considering becoming co-laborers with the SBC. A good overview of what it means to be a Southern Baptist may be found at the SBC website. For more information, you can read On Being Southern Baptist and the Baptist Faith & Message.

Baptist Ordination
Southern Baptist churches are autonomous and establish their own policies regarding ordination. Ordination is therefore an act of the local congregation and not of the denomination. Dr. Leo Endel has written a guide that details the typical process of ordination in a Southern Baptist church. You may use this guide as a model for ordination in your church. Click here to download the guide.

Deacon Training
The deacon is one of only two offices of the church that is explicitly referenced in the New Testament. Yet, churches differ widely on what the role of the deacon actually is. Here are some Baptist resources for training your deacons.

The following are guidelines and instructions for the giving to the Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention (MWBC) and the Cooperative Program: Read more…

Calling of an Interim Pastor – MWBC
The period in which the congregation is without its pastor is called the “interim period.”  This refers to the time between the former pastor leaves and the new one comes.  Providing someone to preach in each worship service during the interim is referred to as “filling” or “supplying the pulpit.” Read more…

Pastor Search Committee Workbook – MWBC
Normally, a Pastor Search Committee is selected by the congregation and reports to the congregation.  It should work on behalf of the congregation to recommend a pastor to the congregation, but it does not have the power to obligate the church nor make the choice of the new pastor. Read more…